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This innovative SCS certification assures customers that you use recycled metals and gemstones, and actively avoid conflict metals and materials from questionable or illegal sources. It also demonstrates that you meet fundamental benchmarks of social and environmental accountability, including risk management throughout the supply chain. Workers are treated fairly according to international labor standards, and destructive environmental practices are avoided.

In response to increasing demand, refiners, manufacturers, fabricators, and jewelers who use platinum, gold, silver, and other precious metals are seeking raw material alternatives that are ethically sourced and have minimal environmental impact. Certified Responsible Source for Precious Metals satisfies this demand. This new third-party certification from SCS Global Services (SCS) builds confidence in products made with Precious metals. 

BENEFITS TO YOU AND YOUR CUSTOMERS • Protect your reputation and reinforce your brand • Help your customers meet their goals • Strengthen your relationships with suppliers and partners • Establish and build your environmental leadership position • Benefit workers and avoid risks of labor disruptions • Stand out in a crowded market

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Certification applies to the entire supply chain from refiners and manufacturers to fabricators, jewelers and retailers. Product categories include fine metals, alloyed metals, gemstones, findings and jewelry.

Certification Features
  • Recycled Metals, Gemstones and Jewelry: Ensures all materials are derived from recycled sources
  • Conflict-Free: Avoids conflict metals, gemstones and materials from questionable and illegal sources
  • Labor Protections: Ensures that the workplace meets health and safety criteria, and that workers are treated fairly according to internationally recognized labor standards
  • Ethical Sourcing and Supplier Risk Management: Introduces supply chain risk management tools to improve sourcing strategies and prevent destructive environmental practices
  • Environmental Impact Assessment: Based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) practices, SCS establishes basic environmental performance standards, and provides a clear pathway for continuing improvement over time
  • RS Gemstones and Gemstone Parcels Standard
Certification Support

SCS provides ongoing program support, including on-going staff assistance, marketing and promotional support, and information about new or revised requirements. You will receive information about the logo approval system and use of SCS trademarks for both on-product and off-product promotions.

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