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Third-Party Verification of Wood Product Sources

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Risk Mitigation and Traceability for Wood Products
Reduce supply chain risk, reinforce customer confidence, and maintain strong market presence with third-party verification of wood product sources by SCS. Our LegalHarvest™ standard is the most robust timber traceability and legality verification option in the market today.

SCS LegalHarvest™ verification is applicable for Forest Management, Chain of Custody and Multi-Sites. Verification confirms the legal right to harvest, process, transport, and export wood products, no matter where your operations are located. Demonstrate your compliance with the US Lacey Act, the European Union Timber Regulation, the Australia Illegal Logging Prohibition Act, and other similar requirements.

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LegalHarvest™ Verification is available to forest managers, sawmills, pulp mills, secondary manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and groups of associated organizations as well as entire supply chains.

LegalHarvest™ Verification Options
  • Forest Managers: For forest management organizations to make timber legality claims on their forest operations. We conduct field audits to verify your documentation against your on-the-ground practices.
  • Timber Manufacturers and Traders: For wood product manufacturers and traders who want to demonstrate that their wood products are legally sourced. SCS verifies documentation and procedures through chain of custody audits in order to identify and track wood products throughout the supply chain. Upstream suppliers and forests may be included in the audit.
  • Groups and Multi-Sites: For a group of entities or sites who want to demonstrate the legality of the entire group. This option is most applicable to organizations that manage and oversee large networks. Examples include large corporations with many sites performing similar operations, business associations, trade federations, and capacity-building or consulting organizations.
Complementary Services

In addition, SCS provides certification to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards, verifies carbon footprints, and conducts Carbon Offset Verification. Wood products may also qualify for SCS Recycled ContentIndoor Air Quality, or Formaldehyde Emissions Regulations (CARB/EPA RULE) certification.

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